The Android Remote PC Control
Android WIFI/Bluetooth Computer Connection

A Demo of the WIFI/Bluetooth Computer Connection Application.

1. Server Setup

2. Zooming and Screen Sliding Functions

3. Mouse Functions: Left Click, Double Click, Right Click and Wheel

4. Keyboard Functions: Select Text, Delete Text and Enter Text

5. Screen Sliding Function using the orientation sensor

Download here the "WIFI/Bluetooth Computer Connection" server application. Extract the downloaded zip file on your computer and double click on the excutable jar file to start the server application.

The Android "WIFI/Bluetooth Computer Connection" application will allow you to:

  • Control your PC from your Android Phone, even when your PC far away from you. Using WIFI, you can even control your PC from the other part of the world.
  • Visualize your PC screen on your phone screen and zoom in/out it by just tapping the phone screen
  • Slide your PC screen on your phone screen either by touch or using the orientation sensor
  • Control your PC mouse using the touch screen of your phone screen: left click, double click, right click
  • Control your PC mouse wheel by using your android phone trackball
  • Control your PC keyboard from your android phone keyboard
Click to download the server application
The Android Remote PC Control